Taking Luxury Upholstery Outdoors

Since 1976, we’ve handcrafted furniture inspired by the harsh climates that Australians call home. We know the outdoors. And now we’re bringing the luxury upholstery you love for the indoors to the great outdoors — with a few performance upgrades.

Sourced from Italy, our newest range of fabrics are fully outdoor performance fabrics that feel just like an indoor textile. Milled from all-weather materials, the fabric is sun, moisture, sweat, mildew and stain resistant to withstand any climate. It’s the ultimate combination of comfort and durability.


Several of our newest collections feature this new class of fabric. Our fully upholstered Amalfi collection is stocked in outdoor Italian bouclé — the first of its kind in the marketplace. Available in a range of neutral tones, Riviera brings a refined and textured elegance.


Our Santorini collection is fully upholstered entirely in outdoor materials. Balancing texture and outdoor performance, Copacabana is 100% recycled and 100% Olefin – an incredibly weather-resistant fiber that’s both more resistant to mold and faster drying than polyester.


Our semi-upholstered Moab collection features an aluminum frame and introduces an outdoor linen. Milled in Italy, our premium fabric range Siesta feels and looks like indoor linen, but this double thickness basket–weave fabric is crafted from 100% polypropelene, making it weather-resistant.


Our newest collections — Kara Mann and Maui — both inspire indoor/outdoor living. Thoughtfully paired with the perfect design, next-generation fabrics bring us closer to true indoor/outdoor living.

Whichever space you’re designing for — inside, outside, in-between — our wide array of stocked fabrics help you tailor each space to inspire togetherness for years to come.