Off To The Races: Sydney Harbour Hosts The Iconic Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Sydney Harbour: our home, our muse. Our founders, Nick and Harrison Condos, grew up on its shores and it’s always been such a massive inspiration — in fact, it’s where we derived our name. Modern, progressive architecture dots the Harbour all around and informs so many of the lines and streamlined aesthetic of our collections. We infuse Australia's coastal lifestyle into every aspect of the designs and community we’ve created.

There’s truly nothing like life on the harbour. That perfect mix of sun, sea and sand — it’s a feeling we strive to capture every day. And come this Boxing Day, December 26, Sydney Harbour will come alive for the 78th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race — a cherished tradition for over three-quarters of a century.

More than 100 yachts will sail 628 nautical miles from Sydney Harbour to Tasmania’s capital, Hobart, in pursuit of greatness. Against the backdrop of the iconic Sydney Opera House, thousands of our fellow Aussies will descend on the shores of the Harbour, take to the water (like Nick and Harrison) or catch the live televised and streamed feeds.

First hosted in 1945, the race — organized by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia in collaboration with the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania — has garnered international appeal as an absolute icon in the sport. The “Great Race South” has created a global stage for inspiration and achievement at the highest levels.

And inspired we are — by our hometown, by her Harbour and by the traditions that are so uniquely Australian.