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Ojai Valley Inn

There is a special ‘energy’ in the valley of Ojai, California.

Just north of Los Angeles, the city of Ojai is nestled near a mountain range embedded with precious quartz. It is believed to be a transmitter of good vibrations and is a great place to relax and reconnect with nature.

The history of the area is ancient, dating back to the Chumash Indians who settled in the area over 10,000 years ago, and the culture of the city reflects the spiritual nature it inhabits.

The main feature in Ojai is the incredible nature and landscape. The Valley View Preserve is the ideal spot to catch the legendary ‘Pink Moment’ at sunset, when the mountain range is suffused with a most surreal light. But the town itself is also rich with art galleries, wineries, breweries, incredible restaurants, natural hot springs and even a honey tasting room.

Our go to destination is always the Ojai Valley Inn, a slice of laid back California heaven. It’s a family oriented resort that has welcomed some legendary guests over the last hundred years (like Judy Garland and Walt Disney). Designed and built in 1923 in the classic west coast Spanish style, the rooms are cozy and conveniently accessible to the grounds, which are peppered with Italian olive and citrus trees. The Farmhouse at Ojai is really our favorite dining spot in town, so it’s tempting to move in here and never leave.

We had the pleasure of collaborating with BAR Architects on the outdoor spaces. The balconies overlooking the iconic mountain range showcase our Pier Collection and the poolside is flanked by our Breeze lounges, where you can while away the golden afternoons.

When we’re designing our furniture pieces, the focus is on elements we consider essential. Versatility is the key. We want a modern feel but we also search for timeless qualities that can blend easily into a variety of settings. Architecture is our jumping off point and minimalism is our cornerstone. Less is always more.

But most importantly for us are the materials. We want our pieces to withstand the elements and retain their beautiful quality for many years. Design for us in investment in a way of life.

And the way of life in Ojai is just our speed.

Thanks to BAR Architects for choosing Harbour furniture on this project