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A Tranquil Desert Retreat

Discover a hidden treasure nestled in the sun-soaked landscapes of La Quinta, California. This expansive house, featured recently in Casa Vogue Brasil, has been transformed into a peaceful sanctuary by Lucus Interiors.

With their expertise, the residence underwent an extraordinary metamorphosis, seamlessly blending modern design elements and featuring our exquisite Avalon Collection.

The Lucus Interior team curated a design that emphasizes comfort and elegance, capturing the essence of contemporary living.

Our Avalon Collection played a pivotal role in enhancing the home's Zen atmosphere. The contemporary Avalon Lounge Chairs, adorned with signature sculptural contours and double–layered woven Olefin rope accents, added a touch of luxury and sophistication.
With a predominantly neutral color palette, these furnishings effortlessly blended with natural materials like stone and steel, adding depth to the house's aesthetic.
Interior Design - Lucas Interiors
General Contractor - Hill Construction
Site Contractor - Benchmark NW
Photographer - Douglas Friedman