Harbour Highlight: Millennial Magazine April 2023

Thank you Millennial Magazine for profiling Harbour’s founders Nick and Harrison Condos as April’s cover story in their Signature Boss Series — and for joining us on our most recent photoshoot in the West Malibu hills to get a front-row look at the brand.

Millennial observes: “With their uniquely designed luxury furniture brand Harbour, a new era of beautiful elegance has arrived for outdoor living spaces. The brand has quickly become a global sensation for its coastal flare and durable pieces that blend effortlessly into any environment.”

A huge part of our story is the history and evolution of the Harbour family — starting with our original blacksmith, Nick and Harrison’s father, Jim Condos. We’re thrilled to share our heritage of craftsmanship in this piece, from our Australian roots to our unique approach to manufacturing and entrepreneurial culture that keeps us innovating.

Above all, our love for the outdoors inspires every design we make. Millennial shares: “Harbour strives to marry indoor comfort with outdoor durability in a way that’s unique in the marketplace. The experiences they share outdoors – and the people with whom they share them – make life memorable.”

Hope we gave you a truly memorable day in Malibu, Millennial. Discover more about Harbour’s journey from 1976 to today, the secrets to the brothers’ success and what’s next for our company (and *hint* where).

Read the Millennial Magazine April 2023 cover story.