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Harmony in Sydney Harbour: A Garden of Eden Reimagined

In the heart of Mosman, a neighborhood located north of Sydney Harbour, a home has undergone a gorgeous renewal of architecture, nature and design. Meticulously led by Luigi Rosselli Architects, this early 1900s Queen Anne-style house now seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces — with a curated collection of Harbour favorites, of course.

Nestled within a stunning garden that elevates the entire living experience, this home has become a contemporary Garden of Eden — where picturesque views inside effortlessly dissolve into nature's beauty outside.

At the heart of the outdoor experience, you’ll find our handcrafted outdoor furniture personally selected by owner and interior designer, Vivienne Hannigan. Sun drenched and sophisticated, travertine is the hero of this space, set against a backdrop of olive trees and lush lawn. The Victoria Teak round stone dining table with a quartet of matching chairs creates an inviting casual space, while the Victoria Aluminum stone dining table, paired with dining chairs in taupe, accommodates more sophisticated get-togethers in the garden.

The low-profile Amalfi sectional pieces — upholstered in outdoor Italian bouclé — offer a perfect spot for lounging and taking in the surroundings. Our MLB Teak easy chairs are all about classic comfort, creating a refined seating area for contemplation and conversation in this idyllic setting imagined by landscape architect Myles Baldwin.

Positioned around the pool, our Hayman Teak Sun Lounge captivates with its understated elegance and contemporary design. The low-profile silhouette boasts clean angles, creating a compelling statement in simplicity.

The Jardin d’Eden beautifully brings the European taste of understated elegance to its exterior spaces — transforming a historic house into a modern Eden, where furniture and nature are in perfect conversational harmony.

Start the conversation in your own space by exploring our featured collections.

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Design Architect: Luigi Rosselli
Project Architect: Mark Langman, Daniel Nunez
Landscape Architect: Myles Baldwin Design
Structural Consultant: Build Environment Collective (formerly Geoff Nines Fong & Partners)
Interior Designer: Vivienne Hannigan @vivhannigandesign
Builder: Building With Options Pty Ltd
Joiner: Alice Lane Furniture Pty Ltd
Photography: Prue Roscoe