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Harbour Highlight: Whitewall February 2024

Harbour and Snow Lodge Curate Bespoke Après Ski Experience at St. Regis Aspen

We’re honored to be profiled this month in Whitewall for our Harbour House collaboration with the St. Regis Aspen. Celebrated as the only independent art and luxury lifestyle magazine, Whitewall has gained international acclaim for the light it shines on creative industries like design.

For us, art and design are inextricably linked and we love their unique focus on spotlighting the personalities that shape the designs. In Aspen, Whitewall sat down with our co-founder Nicholas Condos to talk about the Snow Lodge partnership, his process and designing for the elements. Plus, they really seem to get us: “Known globally for their innovative savoir-faire, Harbour skillfully collages time-honored craftsmanship with sleek design, elegant fabrics, and robust durability in tune with mother nature’s whims.”

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