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Harbour at Home: Introducing Arteriors

In order for a space to become a home, there needs to be a story. Every home is an individual expression of the people who inhabit it. As purveyors of pieces that become a personal collection, we love to focus on the story behind the home wares and accessories we carry. Everything we interact in our home should have a history behind it, and careful craftsmanship, we believe that gives everything a timeless quality. This is what drew us to Arteriors.

Donna Lamp by Arteriors

Founder and creator of Arteriors, Mark Moussa started his career at age 13 when he wired 100 wood lamps from his father’s longtime import-export company at the Dallas Trade Mart. Those lamps were subsequently sold to Holiday Inn, an auspicious beginning that led him to launch his own brand of accessories in 1987 in the Dallas Design District. Moussa began Arteriors with a small collection of internationally sourced accessories. From the beginning, Arteriors offerings had personally curated quality that still exists today. A real point of view of design and the way we live.

Thirty years later, Arteriors is a staple in the world of home design. A rich resource for accessories and lighting that created with luxurious quality and a modern touch. Home accessories that have incredible attention to detail, with materials like honed marble, hand-etched glass, hammered metal and more.

The human element in Arteriors’ products is tangible. They tap a vast network of talented artisans who contribute to the overall vision. You can find the signature of the artist on the products they produce. This element makes each piece special and one-of-a-kind. It infuses the designs with an intangible sense of luxury that is equal parts raw and refined.

At Harbour, we believe you can feel the intention behind a beautifully made thing. We consider the pieces in our home to be long term investments, buying only things that will last us for many years. Come explore our latest partnership with Arteriors. From lighting to dining to shelf accessorizing, the current collection has you covered.

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