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Natural Teak

  • The allure of natural teak lies in its unique beauty and distinctive grain patterns.
  • Over time and depending on climate and exposure, teak weathers to an exquisite silver-grey patina.
  • The wood may expand and contract with climate variations, resulting in hairline cracks in the assembly joints or the grain.
  • This does not compromise the frame's structural integrity.
  • Exposure to rain and humidity may cause the natural oils in teak to rise to the surface, resembling water stains.
  • Oil content can differ among pieces, so oil surfacing may occur multiple times before gradually subsiding over several months.


  • Periodically hose down the surfaces with water and HARBOUR Teak Cleaner, scrubbing along the grain direction to remove dirt, mold, and mildew.
  • Preserve the original quality of teak by applying HARBOUR Teak Cleaner at the start and end of each season.
  • Moisture exposure can cause the wood grain to rise. Use fine 120-grit sandpaper for light sanding to restore a smooth surface.

  • For stubborn areas, use a power washer with a pressure not exceeding 1200 PSI. Hold the power washer approximately 30" away from the furniture. Rinse and allow the furniture to dry under the sun.
  • Clean furniture periodically and always before storage.
  • Rinse furniture weekly in saltwater environments to remove salt residue.
  • Avoid leaving standing water on the furniture and cushions.
  • Utilize our custom furniture covers for items when not in use, ensuring that furniture cushions and covers are clean and dry before covering.